At Nissan, customer safety is always our first priority. If we find a defect on any part in a Nissan vehicle, we resolve to issue a recall for a repair or replacement of that part at no extra cost to you. To determine whether your Nissan is affected by a safety recall, we need to identify your vehicle. Enter your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number* (VIN) below to find out if your car is affected.


Enter the Vehicle Identification Number* (VIN) to see if your vehicle is listed in the Recall Campaign. The VIN is available on vehicle registration in the frame number / NIK / VIN section.

Enter the Vehicle Identification Number

Sorry for the inconvenience, your vehicle has been affected by a recall. Please contact your nearest Nissan dealer to have your vehicle checked and fixed to full working order at no cost to you.

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Your vehicle is in full working order. Contact a dealer if you have any queries or concerns.

Locate a Dealer

Please contact *0800 NISSAN (647726) for more information on Voluntary Recall Campaign.